The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday

Apparently Starbucks’ retro-logo was just a bit too pervy for customers, so the chain is bringing back the green, chaste mermaid cups. [Fast Food Freedom Blogging via Eater]

A 1958 Village Voice article offers a glimpse back into an era when landlords openly discriminated against black renters. [Runnin’ Scared]

We bet no other place in the world of the same size has as many blogs as Brooklyn. The newest entry is Sheepshead Bites. [Gowanus Lounge]

An anonymous donor has donated $20 million to save the LES’ St. Brigid Church. Grand, purely altruistic gestures are rare in New York, but this surely must qualify. [City Room]

Apparently, a new star has moved to Williamsburg to fill Brooklyn’s celebrity void in the wake of Jennifer Connolly and Paul Bettany’s departure–though I’ve never heard of her. [Perez Hilton via Curbed]

Some transit advocates are upset about the M.T.A.’s announcement that subway bathrooms will be closed overnight for cleaning. Think about all the YouTube videos there are going to be of drunken people peeing in public now. [Gothamist]

The long-awaited list of the city’s top 10 most overrated restaurants. [Opinionated about Dining via Eater] The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday