The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

The city will add 63 new inspectors to enforce safety standards at construction sites. [New York Times]

In the region’s suburbs there is little immunity from the nation’s real estate downturn. [New York Times]

The Sell: After 24 open houses and more than 6 months on the market, the Goldsteins sell their Midtown apartment. [New York Times]

Building residents share gripes and solve problems on the Internet. [New York Times]

William and Pat Buckley’s apartment goes on the market in June, but not before one last party. [New York Times]

Living In Scarsdale, New York: Great houses and standardized test scores to match. [New York Times]

A rich felon and his family hope to lose themselves in the anonymity of the big city with a condo at the Plaza. [New York Times]

Remnants of the Lower West Side rail age amid the new walking paths of the High Line. [New York Times]

Q & A: Can a co-op shareholder install a satellite dish on the roof? [New York Times]

A survey of mortgage lenders found that standards were significantly tighter in April than they had been in January. [New York Times]

New York City Transit has spent more than $1 billion on new escalators and elevators since the early 1990’s, but service is still lacking. [New York Times]

Residents want the Landmarks Preservation Commission to put a 37-block swath of West End Avenue on track for protective status. [New York Times]

Former American Idol contestants are looking for a New York City apartment. [New York Post]

In a sluggish market, landlords are wooing renters with incentives. [New York Post]

Senator Chuck Schumer seeks a role in the city’s development projects. [New York Sun]

The Jamaica Development Corporation may be eyeing the strip club Sean Bell visited on the night of his death for demolition. [New York Sun] The (Big) Round-Up: Monday