The Game, The Coffee Machine

In a song inspired by the Sean Bell verdict, Compton rapper The Game says, "I should kill 51 cops for the 51 shots that they gave that kid in New York." (around the 1:40 mark). [YouTube]

A poll has Obama leading in North Carolina. [Mason-Dixon]

He’s also leading in two new national polls. [RCL]

David Paterson goes to Washington. [Capitol Confidential]

Liz considers Carolyn Maloney’s new book. [DN]

Another lawsuit has been filed against the Atlantic Yards project. [Atlantic Yards Report]

Northwestern University has withdrawn the offer of an honorary degree for Jeremiah Wright. [The Swamp]

Lots of people are enjoying this "Hillary versus the coffee machine" video. [Spin Cycle]

Marty Golden has a May 14 fund-raiser to commemorate 10 years in elected office. [Marty Golden]

Lou Dobbs likes Anthony Weiner’s Congressional Caucus on the Middle Class. [Lou Dobbs]

The unofficial mayor of Coney Island thinks the official mayor’s plan for it sucks. [The Real Estate]

The Game, The Coffee Machine