The Morning Read: Friday, May 23, 2008

T-shirts that say "Jews Against Obama" are for sale in the Lower East Side.

Senator Diane Feinstein, a Hillary Clinton supporter, is in favor of the Obama-Clinton ticket.

CNN is reporting that the campaigns are in talks about a joint ticket.

Karl Rove was subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committee (rejoice Jerry Nadler!).

Michael Bloomberg violated the open-container law at a party last night.

A judge in Bloomberg’s upcoming gun trial said, “I see no reason to have the mayor here.”

Nuclear-powered warships are banned from the city, but when asked about them pulling ashore for Fleet Week, Bloomberg said, “I personally don’t see any risk whatsoever.”

Bloomberg’s legacy in Queens would be crystallized by the development of Willets Points, says the Queens Tribune.

I’m not sure why, but US News & World Report has a list of Bloomberg facts.

The AP picks up on David Paterson saying Clinton was showing some “desperation.”

A brief here about Paterson‘s remark is headlined, “Supporter says Clinton should stop.”

Changes to Paterson’s security detail were recommended.

Paterson said if he gets help from Republicans in Albany, he will “have to honestly state to the public, knowing it will help them politically.”

Joe Bruno’s Democratic challenger, Brian Premo, got his county’s Democratic endorsement.

Sheldon Silver’s legislative agenda this year will help him trounce his two Democratic opponents, writes Jacob Gershman.

State lawmakers are limiting how Joe Klein can use state aid.

Unlike some, Andrew Cuomo speaks openly about some ongoing investigations, says Dan Janison.

Christine Quinn has an op-ed in the Post about mayoral control.

The city Commissioner of Investigations needs help sifting through the paperwork generated from the slush fund scandal.

In this profile, John Catsimatidis took a hazy position on member items and declined to state his position on abortion.

Stephen Fiala is emerging as the leading Republican candidate to run for Vito Fossella’s seat.

Some consider Fiala the dark horse in the race, with Mike McMahon being the strongest Democrat.

Diane Savino is out of the race.

Elizabeth Crowley and Anthony Como ditched a debate to meet with local newspaper editorial boards.

That newspaper was the Queens Ledger (whose publisher is no friend of the civic association which held the debate).

Joe Biden responds to Joe Lieberman’s op-ed yesterday, writing, “Mr. Bush has turned a small number of radical groups that hate America into a 10-foot tall existential monster that dictates every move we make.”

A judge upheld John Liu’s right to call a radio host a "pedophile."

The man who does the negotiating for the M.T.A., Gary Dellaverson, is profiled.

Clyde Haberman laments, “[T]he G train is the Moses of New York mass transit. Like Moses, it never made it to the Promised Land.”

Charles Hynes’ decision to try two black teens as adults reportedly "a nod to the political pressure surrounding the two incidents."

Jewish vigilantes in Brooklyn, really?

Gay City News isn’t happy with CNN.

And violence toward migrant workers in South Africa is expected to continue.

The Morning Read: Friday, May 23, 2008