The Morning Read: Monday, May 19, 2008

The British foreign secretary has a warning for the Democratic presidential candidates.

Barack Obama is getting ready to declare himself the winner of the Democratic primary.

Unless he isn’t.

Yesterday Obama attracted the largest crowd of his campaign so far. 

The Irish Times thinks Hillary Clinton should drop out.

Bloomberg News has a story about possible vice presidential candidates, and includes Michael Bloomberg.

On Bloomberg, the American Spectator writes, “[H]e leaves a mixed record that doesn’t come close to such highly-esteemed city leaders such as L.A.’s Richard Riordan or the legendary Fiorello LaGuardia. And he’s definitely no Rudy.”

The New York Times editorial board wants to see Cindy McCain’s tax returns.

Jonathan Hicks recaps Vito Fossella’s quiet attempt to mount a reelection campaign.

Staten Island Republicans are backing his reelection, should he run.

The Daily News looks at the jail that Fossella would have to go to if he were sentenced to serve time for driving under the influence.

Fossella’s Virginia mistress is back at home.

Andrew Cuomo has a grand jury looking into the state police unit that allegedly targeted lawmakers.

Cuomo’s probe of state police may lead him to Republican operatives.

Peter Vallone, Sr. has been subpoenaed in the City Council slush fund probe.

Assembly Democrats rally around a plan that could raise taxes on the rich.

Democrats in Nassau want to know why they were asked to support a candidate registered in the Conservative Party for judge.

Dan Janison is worried about new election rules.

And The New York Post fired a journalist who sued the N.Y.P.D.

The Morning Read: Monday, May 19, 2008