The Morning Read: Monday, May 26, 2008

Carl Hulse looks at what may be Hillary Clinton’s uneasy return to the Senate.

Terry McAuliffe thinks Barack Obama’s campaign is fanning the flames over Clinton’s R.F.K. remark.

Clinton’s claim that she’s gotten more popular votes than any Democrat in history is “not quite true in the normal sense, but if made under oath they would not be prosecutable for perjury, either,” writes Hendrik Hertzberg.

Roger Stone brings a New Yorker writer to the sex club in Miami where he says a call girl first told him “I almost had a date with Eliot Spitzer, the governor of New Jersey.”

Vito Fossella will challenge the accuracy of the breathalyser machine that found him legally drunk in Virginia.

Tom Wrobleski writes, “Guy [Molinari] remains the Freddy Krueger of the borough political scene, and fear of this all-purpose boogeyman was one of the things that has allowed the Fossella clan to keep such a tight rein on the Island GOP for the last decade.”

State trooper Gary Berwick was schedule to meet with the agency’s Internal Affairs Bureau before he killed himself.

Daniel Wiese, who may be connected to the state trooper’s rogue unite investing politicians, was fired from his current job at the state Power Authority.

On whether David Paterson is up to the job of being governor, Times Union columnist Fred LeBrun says, “Thus far the answer is yes and no, and more no than yes.”

Rapper Slick Rick is happy with the pardon he got from Paterson.

Democratic State Senator Liz Krueger’s Republican challenger is a former firefighter who had a reoccurring role on the HBO show Oz.

Eric Gioia wants veterans to have a shot at municipal employment.

More trees are being planted in the city, but there are fewer programs to collect leaves.

And Chuck Schumer says flight delays cost the New York area $3 billion.

The Morning Read: Monday, May 26, 2008