The Morning Read: Thursday, May 15, 2008

Despite last night’s endorsement, John Edwards probably won’t be Barack Obama’s running mate.

Hillary Clinton respects Edwards, but…

Obama apologized for calling a reporter "sweetie."

Cindy McCain had millions of dollars in a mutual fund that had holdings in Sudan, but she just sold them.

The issue of race in the presidential campaign has trickled down to a congressional race in Albany.

Council members running for higher office send member items to groups outside their district, then reap donations from employees and board
members of those groups, the New York Sun reports.

City Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo is under investigation.

Health risks may or may not be caused by artificial turf, which will be allowed in city parks .

David Paterson may not give out millions of dollars worth of member items.

Paterson proposed legislation that would put more oversight on doctors.

Unlike Michael Bloomberg, Paterson thinks the Moynihan station project should be turned over to the Port Authority.

Bloomberg said his pool of discretionary money was no secret.

Unions are “flexing their muscles in the capital to a degree not seen in years,” writes Danny Hakim and Nick Confessore.

“The nightmare is if you have a governor who is the same party as the Assembly and the Senate,” said Danny Donohue, president of the Civil Service Employees Association.

And the New York Post reporters stalk Ashley Alexandra Dupree, who came into the city yesterday. The Morning Read: Thursday, May 15, 2008