The Morning Read: Thursday, May 22, 2008

The candidates are campaigning in Florida again.

Chuck Schumer’s recent push to have the Port Authority develop Penn Station is a way to get around Sheldon Silver, writes Peter Kiefer.

Police have doubts about State Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins’ claim that she’s been the target of attacks.

David Paterson will undergo a second eye surgery.

Michael Bloomberg will testify in a gun case next month.

Christine Quinn says she’ll oppose water rate hikes.

David Chen is the Times’ new City Hall bureu chief.

Albany County Democrats aren’t happy.

Daniel Weise may get a lawyer to fight accusations he led a rogue unite of state police to probe elected officials.

Eliot Spitzer’s wife, who is using her maiden name, appeared at a charity benefit last night.

A lawyer defending an accused rapist is employing the Spitzer defense.

And an aide to Leticia James may get deported for a 23-year-old drug bust. The Morning Read: Thursday, May 22, 2008