The Morning Read: Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hillary Clinton is campaigning nonstop in the next days; Barack Obama is adopting a “general election strategy.”

Ben has the names of some of the members of Congress Clinton met with yesterday.

Chris Cizzilla joins other voices who are blaming the gas-tax ado for Clinton’s losses.

John McCain is going to give a major environmental speech—in Oregon, of course.

David Paterson is meeting with Al Sharpton and Sean Bell’s family today.

A spokesperson for the National Republican Congressional Committee declined to say whether the group is supporting Fossella for reelection.

For the second time, Fossella spokeswoman Susan Del Percio declined to say whether Fossella would seek reelection.

Al D’Amato spoke with the Staten Island District Attorney about running for Fossella’s seat, according to Tom Wrobleski.

Fossella’s wife would leave him if it turns out he fathered a child with the woman he called while in jail.

One Daily Kos blogger wrote, “Ideally, we would run against a wounded Fossella in November, but I do not see it happening.”

Another Kos blogger thinks Domenic Recchia is “running a stealth campaign” and “seems to be preventing national attention from getting to Steve Harrison.”

NY Politics remembers what Fossella told the police when he was arrested.

Congressional lawmakers, some with their own drug and alcohol problems, weigh in on Fossella’s predicament.

Fossella’s arrest finally makes it onto the “Northern Virginia Traffic Law Blog.”

Richard Reichard says Fossella’s 2006 Democratic challenger is “in a good position to take” the seat.

A group Hiram Monserrate funds is being investigated, while Monserrate says the investigation “is clearly associated with the individual who is concerned about a primary in September.”

Christine Quinn unveiled new budgetary proposal, while a public opinion poll showsher out of favor with New Yorkers.

Hack N. Sack at Room 8 deconstructs Dan Squadron’s attack on Marty Connor, and ends up proving to himself that Squadron is responsible for helping Republicans take over the country.

The F.B.I. investigation of Joe Bruno is focusing on opinions he received from the Legislative Ethics Commission about a decade ago.

An anonymous blogger says former State Senator Guy Velella has been subpoenaed in the Bruno probe.

And John Catsimatidis is winning the New York Sun’s online poll of potential mayoral candidates.

The Morning Read: Thursday, May 8, 2008