The Morning Read: Tuesday, May 13, 2008

According to the Telegraph, a Freudian slip by Hillary Clinton "has fueled speculation" that she’ll drop out soon.

Barack Obama has picked up enough superdelegates that it is now mathematically possible for him to secure the nomination by the last of the primary contests on June 3.

The Obama campaign is now hiring for the general election.

Clinton’s political clout will be reinforced by sweeps of West Virginia and Kentucky contests, writes Brian Knowlton.

Clinton-for-V.P. goes over well with Chuck Schumer, Charlie Rangel and Ed Koch.

In an op-ed, George McGovern says he wants Obama and Clinton to travel the country together.

Michael Bloomberg spokesman Stu Loeser defended his boss’s behavior towards a Newsday reporter yesterday, explaining, "The mayor is entitled to not answer questions from people who he believes are insulting him and calling him a liar."

Grace Rauh wonders why some City Council members are sending member items to groups outside their districts.

The New York Post editorial board approves of Anthony Weiner’s call to abolish member items.

The New York Times editorial board warns about the “myth” of voter fraud.

David Paterson spent campaign money on a “life coach.”

In Buffalo, Paterson defended his plan to reduce the number of economic czars in New York from two to one.

Vito Fossella is living in an apartment over his sister’s garage.

Fossella’s spokeswoman said he has been working, but evidence of such seems scarce.

“The biggest surprise may be that Vito Fossella is still around,” writes John Bresnahan of the Politico.

An aide to Dennis Hastert complained about Fossella’s affair some time ago.

There may be a plea deal with some defendants from the escort agency connected to Eliot Spitzer.

Newsday runs a story about the political contributions of its new owners, the Dolan family.

Democrats are recruiting Brian Foley to run against Republican State Senator Caesar Trunzo.

Marc Parry wonders why the well-paid Alain Kaloyeros flipped the bird at a photographer.

Marty Golden isn’t happy about that particular gesture.

State lawmakers try to deal with the home foreclosure crisis.

And Joe Mondello’s aide may get a boost from new legislation in Albany.

The Morning Read: Tuesday, May 13, 2008