The Morning Read: Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dan Balz writes that Democrats are in a "fragile cease-fire." 

Richard Cohen says Hillary Clinton has a long term plan.

Diane Cardwell examines Michael Bloomberg’s temper.

Vito Fossella is not seeking reelection
, and Republicans on Staten Island are interviewing candidates Wednesday. Democrats there have not scheduled interviews yet.

Right Side of New York said Fossella “had almost no hope,” of winning re-election.

“Republicans are breathing a huge sigh of relief,” says Fox News chief political correspondent Dick Brennan.

Talking Points Memo agrees.

Phil Anderson hoped Fossella would stick around.

District Attorney Dan Donovan is considered the top G.O.P. candidate for the job.

A Kos diarist has a very detailed overview of the race, and notes that “Fossella and [former Representative Guy] Molinario have often feuded and the victor of this race would assume control of the Republican Party in Staten Island.”

Here’s a timelineof events in the Fossella scandal.

The head of the detective’s union says he’s analyzing the new police contract.

Bill Hammond wonders if Assembly Democrats have the spine to pass a bill curbing the amount of money trial lawyers can take home.

Jacob Gershman profiles Assemblyman Peter Abbate, Albany’s staunchest union ally.

A plan to cap property taxes in the state is due June 3.

Tom Precious notes that the report was originally due earlier.

Ray Kelly says he won’t reach recruitment goals for the NYPD.

The Kalua Club may meet its demise because of redevelopment in Jamaica.

Some law firms are getting rich because of the lawsuits related to the Deutsche Bank fire, said Robert Morgenthau.

Norman Seabrook’s reelection as president of the Correction Officer’s union is no guarantee.

And tomorrow’s episode of Law and Order is sorta inspired by Eliot Spitzer.

The Morning Read: Tuesday, May 20, 2008