The Morning Read: Wednesday, May 14, 2008

After a landslide victory in West Virginia, Hillary Clinton emailed supporters to say, “[T]he pundits declaring this race over have it all wrong."

Barack Obama did call her to congratulate her, but he did not make public remarks.

Maureen Dowd calls him the “diffident debutante.”

The Washington Post has a story about racism experienced by Obama volunteers.

The Hill reports that Clinton was “the brain” behind the creation of the Senate Democrats’ war room.

Obama already got two superdelegates this morning.

Michelle Obama is going to Puerto Rico.

Dick Morris says there’s no vice presidential slot for Clinton.

Jon Friedman says Michael Bloomberg’s company is poised to do something “BIG,” but he isn’t sure what, exactly.

Bloomberg revealed he had a little-known pot of $4.5 million in funds that, according to former budget aides, “was one of the many ways he had to influence council votes on tough issues.”

The Daily News refers to Bloomberg’s money as “hidden pork.”

The New York Post calls it a “slush fund.”

“Mayor Bloomberg needs to go further" in disclosing his discretionary spending, said Bill de Blasio.

James Carville mentioned Bloomberg as a possible vice presidential candidate for Obama.

Vito Fossella assures his girlfriend everything will be OK.

Al D’Amato says Fossella can run again, and win.

A Kos diarist thinks Fossella “has entirely lost touch with reality.”

The New York Conservative blog laments the Fossella debacle and has a message for other electeds with similar troubles: “[Y]our failing will eventually consume you and destroy your life.”

Pork spending in Albany continues unabated.

Jim Odato details the spending.

It all fits in with David Paterson’s hands-off, relaxed agenda for state lawmakers heading into reelection.

There’s been a 16 percent increase in overtime spending at state agencies.

After the M.T.A. and Tishman Speyer failed to agree on a plan for the West Side rail yards, the M.T.A. reopened talks with other developers.

The New York Times editorial board thinks Chuck Schumer is right to focus on revitalizing Penn Station, but doesn’t appreciate that he mocked Bloomberg’s boulevard project.

A former Assembly candidate in Niagara Falls has a hard time finding a judge to hear his D.U.I. case.

Republicans are sorting out their district attorney candidates in Erie.

And Richard Lipsky is just flattered to be mentioned in the same list as Donald Trump. The Morning Read: Wednesday, May 14, 2008