The Morning Read: Wednesday, May 21, 2008

After his win in Oregon last night, Barack Obama is "quietly planning to take over the Democratic National Committee," reports the AP.

He "all but declared victory" in Iowa last night, despite Hillary Clinton’s huge win in Kentucky.

In an email to supporters Obama claimed the delegate lead.

Pundits are apparently declaring the race over.

The L.A. Times reports that Clinton’s campaign has $31 million in debt.

Obama raised $31 million in April.

James Miller says Obama should put Clinton on the Supreme Court, where "she would play a major role in charting the country’s future."

Joe Lieberman writes in the Wall Street Journal that Obama "has not been willing to stand up to his party’s left wing on a single significant national security or international economic issue in this campaign."

The Financial Times chief foreign affairs columnist can’t tell if Obama will be an F.D.R. or George McGovern.

Errol Louis writes "Obama doesn’t just complete the civil rights movement; in some ways, he reinvents it."

Former Republican Senate candidate K.T. McFarland has advice for Obama.

The Boston Globe editorial board reflects on Ted Kennedy.

In her first comments, Vito Fossella’s wife emails Maggie Haberman, and says, "I had no idea of this world he was living."

Jonathan Hicks recaps the race for Fossella‘s seat.

The leading candidates are Republican Dan Donovan and Democratic City Councilman Mike McMahon.

The Daily News includes Steve Fiala in their roundup of candidates.

Peter King wonders, "[D]id Fossella’s transgressions really warrant endless days of front-page coverage with color photos?"

Here’s more on Christine Quinn mulling over a millionaire’s tax.

Phil Anderson (inspired/frustrated by my video) wants the media to poll the Sheldon Silver race.

City firefighters want a raise.

Here’s details on David Paterson’s eye surgery.

Joe Bruno and Sheldon Silver got calls at 6:30 a.m. about Paterson‘s condition.

Daniel Weise denies there was a "rogue" state police unit monitoring elected officials.

Mark Green will help DFNYC raise money.

The person with the state’s highest pension is George Philip.

The Times Union has a (searchable!) chart of individuals with the highest state pensions.

Did Al Sharpton blackmail rappers Dr. Dre, 50 Cent and The Game?

Maybe it was because Sharpton is just a big fan of another rapper. The Morning Read: Wednesday, May 21, 2008