The Round-Up: Friday

Rallying around a train that gets no respect. [NY Times]

The Port Authority gave Larry Silverstein an extra six months to build one of his World Trade Center towers to woo Merrill Lynch to the site. [NY Post]

"Dr. Beach" ranks two Long Island beaches among the top ten in America. [NY Post] 

The city kicked off the five-day, 125th birthday celebration of the Brooklyn Bridge last night with a fireworks show. [NY Post] 

"For Rent: Five-bedroom, Four bathroom luxurious Hamptons house featuring pool, tennis court, and all the plastic surgery you want." [NYDN]  

The widow of a Wall Street titan donated $25 million to Prospect Park and the New York Botanical Gardens in the largest donation to the "greening" of the city. [NYDN] 

The Port Authority authorized a $20 million study on what could become a $3 billion renovation of terminals 2 and 3 at JFK. [Crain’s]   The Round-Up: Friday