The Round-Up: Thursday

A study conducted on behalf of the Bloomberg administration finds that synthetic turf fields in the city pose no health risk. [NY Times]

The MTA is giving 30 buses a makeover as part of its new Select Bus Service trial to streamline service. [NY Times]

New Jersey residents want a Powerhouse Arts District not a Toll Brothers development. [NY Times]

Alternate side parking is suspended indefinitely in Park Slope. [NY Times]

As foreclosures mount, condo owners in the buildings hit hardest find themselves arguing over maintenance costs. [NY Times]

“If you prick a contractor does he not bleed, hopefully not on the white marble counter?” [NY Times]

Gimme Shelter: Dick Cavett is selling a 77-acre tract of ocean front property in Montauk for $30 million; Bob Weinstein has paid $1 million for an apartment near his home at the Beresford. [NY Post]

Renovations begin at 100 Church Street, a commercial building that has been half vacant since September 11. [NY Sun]

New York City luxury buildings are flaunting “abs of steel.” [NY Sun]

The Round-Up: Thursday