The Round-Up: Thursday

The city is actually 17 miles smaller than it was thought to be. [NY Times]

A vendor wages a food fight against City Hall. [NY Times]

There’s an alternative to renting a truck and carting excess belongings to a rented unit: the storage space can come to you. [NY Times]

Pat & Rose Dresses is the backbone of what remains of the Italian factories that once dominated the Garment District. [NY Times]

Gimme Shelter: Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are living in a "nice brownstone in the West Village"; Half of the Dolce duo goes to contract on an 11th Avenue duplex. [NY Post]

Bayside is ranked the most kid friendly neighborhood in the city. [NYDN]

Park Avenue co-op dwellers fight a neighboring church over noise. [NY Sun]

The days of outlandish residential rental amenities may be behind us. [NY Sun]

  The Round-Up: Thursday