The Round-Up: Wednesday

Home buying season in America may shape up to be even worse than expected. [NY Times]

Quarterly results from U.S. discount and luxury retailers suffered as customers cut back on all purchases but necessities. [NY Times]

As the housing bubble continues to deflate, buying has become the smarter option for many long-time renters. [NY Times]

Off Track Betting is advertising for an auctioneer to liquidate its assets as talks on a new revenue sharing formula in Albany drag on. [NY Post]

Goldman Sachs will lease its downtown headquarters for over $60 per square foot. [NY Post]

Bear Stearns shareholders are expected to approve the firm’s shotgun marriage to J.P. Morgan Chase at Thursday’s meeting. [Crain’s]

Nearly 60 past and present MTA board members get E-ZPasses for life, and taxpayers are footing the bill. [NYDN]

Fear and rumors at Bear Stearns. [WSJ]

Manhattan borough President Scott Stringer comes out in favor of the Port Authority overseeing Moynihan Station. [Sun] The Round-Up: Wednesday