Just how old is John McCain?

Each of the remaining presidential candidates (just play along and pretend there are three) faces a singular, politically unprecedented biological issue — that is, overcoming voters’ uncertain, untested feelings about what race, gender, and age a president is supposed to be. John McCain, as we’re constantly reminded, would be the oldest human being ever to assume the office.

A cheeky new website — Things Younger Than McCain — has a whole lotta fun with the senator’s chronological-outlier status, gleefully pointing out things that have come into existence since his DOB (8/29/36). For instance, Israel is younger. And FM radio! The partisan site (a link to Obama’s campaign website is always a dead giveaway) invites the public to submit its own finds, and once you’ve dirtied your hands digging, it’s pretty hard to stop. Let’s see . . . nylon stockings are younger, and Social Security checks, and broadcast TV, and the freeways of Los Angeles, and . . .

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Just how old is John McCain?