Thomson as New Journal Editor: ‘I Feel Privileged’

We just caught up with Robert Thomson, who, it was just announced, will be the newspaper’s next managing editor, on the phone. "I feel privileged," he said. "I’m looking forward with much excitement to making the Journal, and its news wires, which is the greatest news organization in the world, even greater."

He will move down to the newsroom’s ninth floor tomorrow, and will take over chief editing duties over the paper immediately.

Read the Journal‘s own breaking account of the story here; bonus choice moment from Martin Peers’ account:

The departure of Mr. Brauchli — who quit under pressure last month — and Mr. Thomson’s appointment are expected to lead to bigger changes at the Journal. The paper has already seen a shift in focus since the News Corp. acquisition, putting more emphasis on shorter news stories and general news. Mr. Murdoch wants the Journal to compete more directly with the New York Times.

Which, of course, we’ve been harping on around here.

Much more to come in the next few days. Thomson as New Journal Editor: ‘I Feel Privileged’