Tim and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Buy Glassy $3.25 M. Condo

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Tim Hasselbeck and his wife, Elisabeth, the blond, slightly annoying Survivor star-turned-View co-host, just bought a four-bedroom, 2,349-square-foot apartment at Ariel West, the new tower developed by Gary Barnett at Broadway and 99th Street. According to city records, they spent $3.25 million.

The floor plan says that two of the bedrooms, the 30-foot living/dining room, the family room, and the master bathroom are all lined against a massive wall of windows. Of course, that means there will be a nice view for the View co-host, which would have easily made for a nice pun-dripped headline—but there are times in every real estate writer’s life when the opportunity to write genuinely idiotic double-entendres must be resisted.

In any case, it’s not the first Upper West Side place for the couple. They spent $999,000 in 2005 on an apartment 20 blocks south, city recoreds show, which they haven’t sold off yet. That place probably didn’t have Ariel’s über-condo bonuses like a 51-foot indoor pool, an outdoor basketball court, a pet grooming salon, billiards parlor, and an "elaborate" childrens’ playroom, which will suit Ms. Hasselbeck’s elaborate tastes. Tim and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Buy Glassy $3.25 M. Condo