Wall Street Journal To Bunk with New York Post by Spring ’09

Say goodbye to the Financial District, suckers!

The Media Mob’s John Koblin links to a PaidContent report that Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones staffers will be working out of News Corp.’s Midtown headquarters at 1211 Avenue of the Americas by spring of 2009:

“At (the plan’s) heart is our wish to bring together the news operations … making 1211 the hub of a global information-gathering operation. Uniting our two prime financial news organizations will provide the opportunity to reconsider conventions of the past and how we meet, move, communicate and work in the future,” Dow Jones CEO Les Hinton wrote in a message to employees on Thursday… Architects are already working on designs. We want it to be the most modern and dynamic media space in the world.

Mr. Hinton said that some staff will also work from 1155 Avenue of the Americas, which leads us to wonder, to what end did Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. lease a gigantic chunk of space at 1185 Avenue of the Americas in April, right next to its headquarters?


Wall Street Journal To Bunk with New York Post by Spring ’09