Whitman goes after elected officials on taxes

MOUTAINSIDE – With her mother sitting next to her husband in the front row, Kate Whitman notes that her opponents have attacked her for her last name, but insists that she has run the most substantive, issues-driven campaign.

And she throws a verbal punch at the elected officials in the race.

“I’m the only one to release a six-point plan,” says Whitman, daughter of former Gov. Christie Todd Whitman. “Every person on this dais – given the chance – voted for tax increases.”

Now they have signed a no-new-taxes pledge but “Who can believe them?” the 31-year old candidate wonders.

Later, Scotch Plains Mayor Martin Marks criticizes Whitman for what he says is her relative lack of exerience, and after the debate, Whitman responds.

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Whitman goes after elected officials on taxes