Album covers so bad, they’re brilliant

As the CD follows the 8-track, the LP, and the Edison cylinder into obsolescence, so too goes the importance of memorable cover art: iconic images like Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo walking the snowy streets of Greenwich Village; a prism splitting white light into the colors of the rainbow; a quintet of women of a certain age wearing nothing but a layer of sour cream. Wait . . . what?

Okay, so some album sleeves are truly great, and some are so unspeakably awful that they deserve a final tribute. This collection, created by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, compiles 50 jaw-dropping examples of the latter category, including unfortunate efforts from obscure acts like the Frivolous Five (see above) and established artists like Jonah Jones (whose cover for I Dig Chicks depicts four women posing on a backhoe) as well as oddities like a Muhammad Ali record promoting good dental hygiene. Someone at VSL Headquarters was convinced that these were all elaborately executed jokes, fake records concocted the day before yesterday. But they are definitely real. If you thought your Celine Dion collection was an embarrassment, you haven’t learned the meaning of the word — yet.

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Album covers so bad, they’re brilliant