A Bullet in Stewart's Door

A .45 caliber bullet pierced the door of City Councilman Kendall Stewart’s district office in Brooklyn, he said.

The picture above is of Stewart’s door that was sent to me by a reader earlier this week. Stewart confirmed the incident in a brief conversation I had with him this afternoon. Stewart said it was a .45 caliber bullet that made the hole in his door, but that he didn’t think he was the target of any attack. He said the shooting occured after 4 p.m. one day last month after two men had an altercation across the street from the office.

Stewart said the police were called and nobody was injured. A spokesperson at the 63rd precinct could not immediately be reached for comment.

Stewart most recently was in the news when two of his staffers were arrested and charged by a U.S. prosecutor with misusing public money intended for a non-profit group in the neighborhood. A Bullet in Stewart's Door