Alanis Morissette is Broken Up and Singing About It

Ryan Reynolds is engaged to Scarlett Johansson and Alanis Morissette, who was with the actor for four and half years prior to their break-up early last year, is back to writings songs reminiscent of her 1995 Jagged Little Pill album.

Ms. Morissette talked to AP about the album and getting over her break-up. Read on for the latter part.

On how the split helped her write:

"In the middle of my breakup, I went to London for 12 days, wrote 12 songs. It was all very immediate and visceral. Then I came back to LA and wrote 12 more songs with a gentleman named Guy Sigsworth, whom I adore. So the writing itself was very immediate. Versus my having written in the past retrospectively. It was very in the moment. It was like a little life raft for me. The structure of going in the studio every day was very helpful for me."

On reading gossip about herself:

"I’m definitely not online or reading those magazines anymore. I used to read them all the time but I think once the tables were turned on me, I stopped reading it. I started to see the nature of it, and I started to see in my case anyway a lot of it was inaccurate. So I stopped reading it, because I thought well if it’s that inaccurate about me, it can’t be accurate about other people. But every once in a while they nail it on the head."

On her ex moving on with ScarJo:

"I have enough distance, so to be perfectly honest I’m not really that focused on it. I wish anyone whom I love, whether I hang out with them or not, great success and love in their life. So—Godspeed."

  Alanis Morissette is Broken Up and Singing About It