Angelina Overshares Again

As we wait for the blessed children to leave Angelina Jolie’s womb, she can’t seem to stop oversharing about her and Brad Pitt’s life together. In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, she offers yet another interview in which she gushes about their home life. (For those keeping up, she is also on the July cover of Vanity Fair.)

As usual, scroll down for highlights!

On chatting with Clint Eastwood, her costar in Changeling, about politics:

"Actually, we don’t disagree as much as you’d think. I think people assume I’m a Democrat. But I’m registered Independent and I’m still undecided. So I’m looking at McCain as well as Obama. Clint can teach me about things domestically and I’m more aware of some things internationally. So it was less a debate and more things we found interesting. But for the first few weeks I was just too nervous to get into any deep conversation!"

On being drawn to extremes:

"Well, certain things are private! But there’s a side of us that’s so mommy-daddy and then there’s a side of us that’s…very man and woman. I’ll leave it at that. We both like to ride motorcycles, we both like to fly planes, that’s the spirited side of us. Then the other side of us is very focused on silly mommy-daddy things. So I guess that’s extremes, but I just think of that as balance."

On whether pregnancy hurt their sex life:

"No, I think it’s quite the opposite. It’s great for the sex life. It just makes you a lot more creative. So you have fun, and as a woman you’re just so round and full."

On the tattoo she designed on his back:

"I drew that. We went to Davos. It’s not that we were bored at the World Economic Forum, but one night we didn’t have anything to do, so I was drawing on his back. He just liked it! The picture everybody saw was kind of awkward, but it just lines up beautifully on his back, just enhances the part of the body I like. I mean, it’s meaningful in that it’s us making angles and shapes out of each other’s body, that kind of a thing." Angelina Overshares Again