Anne Hathaway's Ex-Boyfriend Arrested

Italian businessman Raffaelo Follieri, 29, who was recently dumped by Anne Hathaway has been arrested (again!) this morning on charges of wire fraud conspiracy and operating a money laundering scheme, the The New York Post reports.

Mr. Follieri is accused of duping investors by claiming that he had been appointed as the chief financial officer of the Vatican and promising that he could obtain properties of the Catholic church in the United States at bargain prices.

His only actual connection to the Vatican turned out to be merely attending meetings with members of the clergy in Italy arranged by an administrative employee that he paid off.

According to the complaint, he spent the investors’ money on chartered flights, expensive meals, clothing, and an apartment in the Trump Tower. Earlier this month, it was announced that Mr. Follieri’s children’s charity, The Follieri Foundation, was being investigated by New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. And in April, he was arrested in Manhattan for bouncing a $215,000 check to an associate. Charges were dropped after he turned himself in to the police and paid off the debt.

Mr. Follieri is due to appear in Manhattan Federal Court today.

Anne Hathaway's Ex-Boyfriend Arrested