Avella Rezonings Blocked

Tony Avella, the outspoken City Councilman who has never hesitated to criticize Christine Quinn or other colleagues, suffered a nearly unheard of loss today when the Council voted to block a rezoning plan for his Bayside district.

Usually, on local matters like this, the entire Council votes the same way the local member does, making local approval tantamount to citywide approval. But that wasn’t the case here–some members apparently felt the rezoning did not provide enough affordable housing.

Here are the vote results from today‘s Council meeting, which were forwarded to me by a number of readers.

L.U. 753 & Res 1480
Application no. C 070175 ZSQ submitted by College Point Holdings I, LLC pursuant to Sections 197-c and 201 of the New York City Charter for the grant of a special permit pursuant to Sections 78-351, 78-352 and 78-353 of the Zoning Resolution to facilitate the development of a 100-unit large-scale residential development located at the northwest corner of the intersection of 14th Avenue and 115th Street (Block 4035, Lot 1), in an R4 District.

VOTE: 20-25-2
Negative: Dickens, Fidler, Jackson, Mark-Viverito, Martinez, Mealy, Monserrate, Reyna, Sanders, Stewart, Vann, White, James, Barron, Seabrook, Gentile, Foster, Comrie, Arroyo, Rivera, Ignizio, Eugene, Gioia, Felder and Oddo
Abstentions: Vallone and Brewer

I left a message on Avella’s cell phone and am waiting to hear back.

Avella Rezonings Blocked