Barbara Ehrenreich is Fighting Back

Author Barbara Ehrenreich appeared on The Colbert Report last night to promote her book, This Land Is Their Land and offered a rallying cry for class warriors the world over. "I’m fighting back," she said. "But the other side started the war."

"We’ve had too many employers, say like Wal-Mart, who’ve made huge amounts of money by squeezing down their workers, not letting them form unions, for example, holding down their wages."

Ms. Ehrenreich got in a few good jabs at Mr. Colbert, asking him how much he paid his security guards ("What are they paid? I would be surprised if they got more than $12-an-hour.") and told him, "I’m gonna go after you, too." Mr. Colbert held his hand steady—a tough feat considering it was the one year anniversary of the day he broke his wrist—and chided, "See me shake, baby?"

Later in the interview, Mr. Colbert took a David Brooksian stance, wondering, "What about the lottery? That gives the poor a chance to strike it rich. Or at the very least, think they’re gonna strike it rich and like get back to work?"

Ms. Ehrenreich wisely responds, "I’m not gonna promote that one."

Barbara Ehrenreich is Fighting Back