BCRO runoff dispute resolved

The confusion over who gets to vote at tomorrow night’s election for Bergen County Republican Chairman appears to have ended.

State Sen. Gerald Cardinale will not sue the Bergen County Republican Organization to force it to restrict voting at tomorrow night’s chairmanship runoff to only those who voted last Tuesday.

Cardinale said that Ortiz never had the authority to declare that voting would be open to all county committee members – a responsibility that belongs to the BCRO’s election committee. The committee had previously ruled for restricting tomorrow night’s ballot. Election Commissioner Patricia DiCostanzo even sent a letter informing county committee men and women that only those who voted last Tuesday could vote tomorrow.

But the election committee reversed itself today, unanimously choosing to open voting to all county committee members tomorrow night. DiCostanzo followed her initial letter with a blast email recanting it.

Although his allies have fought to restrict tomorrow’s votes, Yudin has insisted all along that voting be open to everyone – although he did accept the committee’s original decision.

“Yudin asked me, frankly, not to file a lawsuit because he felt that the committee was wrong in not allowing everyone to vote,” said Cardinale. BCRO runoff dispute resolved