Bedroom with Bathroom! Near the L! Just $550!

This Williamsburg rental listing on Craigslist would make even the bed-bug, hipster-infested hovel McKibben Lofts feel luxe.

For $550 a month, you can live in a 10×6 room that is "not an apartment," on North 7th and Bedford Avenue in the heart of Brooklyn hipsterdom, just a half-block from the L train.

"Location is what sells here," says the listing.

There certainly isn’t much else to buy in this glorified closet. It has no kitchen, no windows, no roomates are allowed, and there is "no wall to separate the bathroom and room."

Though the listing boasts a "private bathroom," let’s dispense with the euphemisms. It’s a toilet, a mattress, and a mini-fridge. Home sweet home.

Bedroom with Bathroom! Near the L! Just $550!