Bloomberg Heaps Praise on Paterson, Will 'Probably' Support Re-Election

Just as David Paterson did earlier today, Michael Bloomberg tried to squash the idea that there is animosity between himself and the governor over the O.T.B. deal.

“I don’t think David Paterson or I ever exchanged a cross word,” Bloomberg told reporters at a press conference in downtown Manhattan this afternoon, where he unveiled a new biking initiative. “He is as likable and easygoing and as nice a guy as you would ever want to meet.”

Bloomberg went on to say, “David has become a social friend as well as business friend.”

Referring specifically to the remarks attributed to Paterson in Fred Dicker’s New York Post column today, Bloomberg said Paterson is "just not the kind of guy to say any of that.”

Bloomberg continued, “I think he’s going to be a great governor. We certainly need consistency in Albany and I think David Paterson is the guy to provide that.”

“I would hope that he runs for re-election in three years and I would probably wind up supporting him," the mayor said. "I think this guy is going to be a great governor and I’m not going to be in the race. I will be a supporter, not a participant,” the mayor said finally.

Bloomberg Heaps Praise on Paterson, Will 'Probably' Support Re-Election