Bloomberg on Trash, Graffiti and Jurisdiction

Michael Bloomberg has long liked the idea of holding elected officials accountable, so at a press conference in the Bronx this morning, he stood behind the podium and pointed to “graffiti and trash” that weren’t being dealt with along a set of Amtrak rail lines and, separately, on an M.T.A. building.

Those blemishes are the responsiblity of the federal government and the M.T.A., respectively, he said.

“In New York City, we go out and look for the problems and try to fix them. Sadly, our state nd federal government isn’t as attuned to do it, or you’re not holding their feet to the fire, and they’re not doing it,” he said.

"And somebody has got to get them off their rears and out doing it proactively,” he added.

A reporter pointed to graffiti on a nearby building.

“The graffiti over there is on private property,” Bloomberg said, adding, “I don’t know if we can do anything about it, but we’ll take a look at it. We’ll log it in right now.” Bloomberg on Trash, Graffiti and Jurisdiction