Bloomberg's Ideal Presidential Debate

Michael Bloomberg’s offer to host a presidential town hall forum got rejected by Barack Obama and John McCain, but the mayor has no hard feelings.

Bloomberg was asked about it at a press conference this morning in the Bronx, where showed off a new park and urged state lawmakers to loosen regulations on developers seeking to build on formerly contaminated sites.

“We’d love to do it and, if we can find some way to do it, we certainly will,” Bloomberg said. “If they want to come here later on, we’ll try to find some ways to accommodate them as well.”

Bloomberg said that if such an event came about, the format would be worked out between the two campaigns. But, if he were given the chance to moderate, the mayor said he knows just what he would do.

"I would grill each candidate in front of the other and have follow-up after follow-up after follow-up, until you get real concrete answers," he said.

Then, he acknowledged, “I think the likelihood of that is probably less than zero.” Bloomberg's Ideal Presidential Debate