Brad and Angelina May Option Times Prom Story

Unnamed sources are telling New York Magazine‘s culture blog Vulture that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are trying to sell a movie version of that New York Times City section piece, "This Strange Thing Called Prom" by Brooke Hauser.

The piece is about Brooklyn International High School’s first-ever prom and how students from Liberia, Haiti, China and Tibet–unlike their Upper East Side private school counterparts–try to figure out what it is exactly and how to tackle dates, dresses, hair, and etiquette.

The sources tell Vulture that the couple, under the auspices of their Plan B entertainment company, have brought the option personally to Paramount. 

"Plan B’s such development hell right now," sniped one unnamed insider to Vulture, "maybe Maddox and the twins can star in it." Brad and Angelina May Option Times Prom Story