Carrion Says He's Tapping Into Obama's Network

Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion, who helped turn out the Latino vote for Hillary Clinton, wasted no time getting to know the people around Barack Obama, now that the Democratic presidential contest is settled.

At yesterday’s Puerto Rican Day parade in Midtown, Carrion, who is running for comptroller, told me a little about the fund-raiser he had on Friday in Chicago.

“I just came back from Chicago, raising money there, meeting Obama’s friends and supporters, very intimate people with Senator Obama," he told me. "We’re going to work together.”

Who specifically?

“Very, very close people," he assured me. "I won’t divulge that,” he said, adding, "It doesn’t really matter. These are folks that have supported him financially, and politically, from the beginning. Some of them are elected, some of them are money people. It was really a terrific reception I got over there.”

Carrion Says He's Tapping Into Obama's Network