Catsimatidis Ditches Glasses for Mayoral Race

Here’s supermarket magnate and mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis hanging out with former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge at last night’s Lincoln Dinner, organized by the King’s County Republican Committee and held at Grand Prospect Hall.

Note the absence of Catsimatidis’ distinctive eyeglasses.

The Gristedes owner underwent cataract surgery a month ago to enable him to put his glasses away when he’s working a room or reading off a teleprompter. There have been some complications, and recently he had to have more surgery, according to spokesman Rob Ryan.

This sort of cosmetic preparation is not unique to Catsimatidis. City politicians have been known to shave a mustache (Bill Thompson, Hiram Monserrate), or lose weight (John Faso, Michael McMahon) in advance of a big campaign. Catsimatidis Ditches Glasses for Mayoral Race