Clinton Fund-Raisers, Monday Night Fever

David Plouffe is going to hold a meeting with top Clinton fund-raisers, Greg Sargent reports. [T.P.M.]

Felix Gillette thinks that the Commission on Presidential debates may be losing its monopoly. [Media Mob]

A writer wonders if there can really be enough demand for all the hotels going up in Gowanus. [Brownstoner]

In Westchester, at least, Democrats are united. [Journal News]

A Fox News host has a ridiculous take on the Obamas’ fist-pump. [Ben]

According to Lynn Sweet, the feature of Obama’s web site that lets supporters send a message to Hillary Clinton "is also a clever technique the Obama campaign is using to data mine and target voters." [Sun-Times]

Ted Kennedy is leaving the hospital today. [A.P.]

Scott Stringer is throwing a "Monday Night Fever"-themed fund-raiser at Vynl. [Liz]

According to Bob Novak, Rahm Emanuel might be the new Obama. [Sun-Times]

When Obama talked to Joe Lieberman on the Senate floor, he was addressing Lieberman’s "half-hearted denials of the false rumors that Obama is a Muslim." [Newsweek via Political Wire]

In the comments section, Larry Littlefield takes issue with the New York Times editorial board’s opposition to term limits. [Observer]

Amtrak is suspending service between Boston and New York for three days. [The Real Estate] Clinton Fund-Raisers, Monday Night Fever