Clinton's High Profile Healing Process Has Begun

Shortly after Hillary Clinton gave her historic concession speech at the National Building Museum in Washington, she asked Representative Eliot Engel—one of two members of New York’s House delegation to make the trip down—for a bit of feedback.

“She asked me if I thought it would help in getting her people to support Obama, and I said I thought it would,” Mr. Engel recalled. “And then she said, ‘Tell the media.’”

With the primary over, Mrs. Clinton will be undertaking the process, vital to the Democratic Party, of moving her supporters into Barack Obama’s camp. She will also be undertaking the process, vital to her, of ensuring that everyone sees her doing it.

In terms of the political insiders in Mrs. Clinton’s orbit, people seem inclined to follow her now-harmonious lead.

As Mrs. Clinton’s elected supporters have continued to stream toward Mr. Obama, she has been making a series of private calls (confirmed publicly by her campaign) to her delegates urging them to do likewise.

And even before she officially ended her bid, her campaign staff had been making formal preparations for a merger with their Obama counterparts.

According to two former Clinton staffers, in the time between the last primaries on June 3 and the concession speech on June 7, communications director Howard Wolfson called staff members into his office to see who had the desire, and the energy, to work on the Obama campaign in the general election.

Mr. Wolfson, who couldn’t be reached for comment—he was taking a rare overseas vacation—then compiled those names and the résumés of Clinton staffers around the country into a list for delivery to the Obama campaign.

Clinton's High Profile Healing Process Has Begun