Closing MoveOn's 527, The Spitzers' Vacation

MoveOn shutters its 527 in deference to Barack Obama. [Greg Sargent]

Barack Obama didn’t vote on one of the bills he cites in his new ad, and neither did John McCain. [The Swamp]

The McCain campaign plays the gender card on Obama. [Ben]

Eliot Spitzer is reportedly taking his family on vacation to Southeast Asia. [Intelligencer]

Obama is currently selling at 62.6. McCain is at 33.2. [Intrade]

Jose Rivera is dealing with a kidney stone. [Liz]

There’s a new blog on New Urbanism based out of Rochester. [Moderate Urban Champion via Rochester Turning]

An education blogger thinks there is a double standard for how schools are run in New York suburbs versus the city. [Education Notes Online]

Canal Street is virtually overflowing with Obama gear. [Daily Gotham]

Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh and other lawmakers want sports teams that have public funding to offer reasonably priced tickets for lower income fans. [AMNY]

St. Albans residents are resisting the live meat market that may move into the neighborhood. [Daily News]

The Mermaid Queen hunger strike will be broadcast via webcam. [Rev. Billy] Closing MoveOn's 527, The Spitzers' Vacation