Cycling Obama, McCain's Staff

Laura Bush praised Hillary Clinton and defended Michelle Obama. Also, she said is not going to run for office. [ABC News]

Micah Sifry contemplates the potential role of Barack Obama’s massive online network after the election. [techPresident]

John Riley ridicules the photo of Obama on a bike. [Spin Cycle]

Jonathan Martin thinks the picture of Obama on the bike is an example of how he can be "un-hip" (read: sort of like McCain). [Politico]

A McCain campaign strategy briefing notes that their staff is less than a third the size of Obama’s. [Ambinder]

John McCain does not come off well in an article about his first wife, which includes an interview with her. [Daily Mail]

Obama spoke to campaign staff after his victory. [YouTube]

One of the people charged with finding Obama a running mate has ties to a company that made subprime loans, reports Josh Gerstein. [The Sun]

One superdelegate, Representative Tim Mahoney of Florida, says he will stay uncommitted through the convention. [Q Blog]

"The Clintons’ complicated legacy is all the more complicated now," says the Times. [N.Y.T.]

One of Chuck Schumer’s press aides is going to work for Andrew Cuomo. [Liz]

Cycling Obama, McCain's Staff