DCCC continues to hype Shulman

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has bumped Dennis Shulman up a rung on its priorities list.

The committee announced today that Shulman has moved up from being a “targeted race” to an “emerging race,” which means that Shulman is a contender to participate in the organization’s Red to Blue fundraising program.

“We’re excited that the DCCC is recognizing that in Dennis Shulman they have a special candidate and a special message,” said Shulman Campaign Manager Jeff Hauser, who was surprised by the announcement.”

Shulman remains a long-shot candidate, but he’s been getting some attention from the national party, which has been buoyed by three consecutive special election victories in traditionally Republican districts. He’s one of 20 candidates who were given the designation, 10-15 of whom may get significant financial support from the DCCC in the fall.

On Monday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) came to New Jersey to stump for Shulman.

DCCC continues to hype Shulman