Dean Skelos, David Paterson's Newest Old Friend

From David Paterson’s comments at a press conference in Albany right now, it seems like he will have a good relationship with Dean Skelos, who is replacing Joe Bruno as the State Senate majority leader.

Speaking to reporters in the back of the Assembly chambers, Paterson said of Skelos, “For eight years he was the deputy majority leader, and I was the deputy minority leader and we used to debate each other on the floor for all my time. He is, in a lot of ways, like Senator Bruno, but he has his own style.”

Paterson, who represented Harlem in the State Senate, added, “He and I grew up about ten minutes away from each other in Long Island. So, we’ve had a relationship over the years.”

He went to say that as the legislative season ends and the campaign season begins, the governor plans on playing a more active role in getting Democrats elected, but only to a point.

“I tried to help the senate quietly until this point. And I don’t want to jeopardize any opportunities that we have next year by becoming the focus of the campaign,” he said. “This is a fight the leaders of the senate have to win.”

Dean Skelos, David Paterson's Newest Old Friend