Don’t believe Maggs’ spin

James Maggs says he resigned his post as Alternate Delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention from New Jersey’s 12th district because he couldn’t take off the first week of September. The problem is Maggs isn’t telling the truth. Maggs – despite his spin – resigned because of policy differences with the presumed GOP presidential nominee, John McCain.

Maggs sent an e-mail to GOP fundraiser Robin Visconi on May 29 – six days before the Republican primary where he was on the ballot as a delegate candidate – saying that he no longer desires “to be part of this effort.” The Maggs e-mail caused considerable disruption in the McCain camp, causing his friend, McCain National Finance Co-Chairman Lewis Eisenberg, to lean heavily to ensure that there would be no national news story on the defection of a delegate. Maggs is now saying he continues to support McCain and the war in Iraq, but that just isn’t the case.

Read the Maggs e-mail:

From: James Maggs []
Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2008 11:38 AM
To: Robin Visconi
Cc:; Subject: Senator McCain

Dear Robin:

I attempted to contact you last evening, but was unsuccessful. This email is to advise you that effective immediately I am resigning whatever position I hold in New Jersey in support of Senator McCain. (Actually, I am not quite sure what position, if any, I do hold). I have worked very hard to assist Senator McCain in his Presidential bid, however, after reflecting over a number of issues that have arisen during the past 12-15 months which have given me great pause, I no longer desire to be part of this effort. As such, kindly notify the appropriate party members to have my name withdrawn as an alternate delegate for the 12th District to the Republican Convention.


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Don’t believe Maggs’ spin