Ed Koch Plays Hard to Get

Unlike most Democrats in New York, former Mayor Ed Koch is not endorsing Barack Obama, at least for now.

Last night, during a regular appearance on NY1, Koch said he was disturbed that Obama did not condemn congregants at his former church who applauded when Reverend Michael Pfleger delivered a sermon mocking Hillary Clinton.

“I haven’t heard him issue a condemnatory word about the congregants’ behavior,” Koch said. “Obama should say, ‘I condemn those people. I thought that they were decent. Yes they were my friends, but how could they engage in this anti-white rhetoric?’”

Koch also said he would “wait until much closer to the election” before deciding whether to support Obama or John McCain.

It wouldn’t be that new for the thrice-elected mayor Koch to cross party lines. He endorsed Michael Bloomberg for mayor, for example, and George W. Bush for president (twice).

Ed Koch Plays Hard to Get