Elsewhere: Bill and Barack, Wes Clark's Social Network

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton had a long awaited conversation.

Obama criticized MoveOn.org for that "General Betray Us" ad. 

Wes Clark has a FaceBook page. Also, he’s not going back on what he said about McCain on that FaceBook page.

Asked about Obama’s patriotism, McCain gives a less-than-complete answer. 

A Wall Street Journal blog notices that Obama’s social networking site is being used by members to voice complaints about his position on FISA. 

Port Authority director Chris Ward gave a somewhat dismal assessment of progress at the World Trade Center site.

David Paterson is giving Ward 90 days to come up with some attainable goals. 

Freedom Watch is running ads against Kirsten Gillibrand over her pro-environment positions. 

According to Capitol Confidential, it would be hard for Paterson to fire Commission on Public Integrity Executive Director Herbert Teitelbaum, as the Post implied that he might.

Somebody used the words "George Bush," to vandalize a Republican Congressional candidate’s sign in the Hudson Valley.

In the comments section, ManhattanMan is envious of William Rapfogel’s salary at the Met Council.

  Elsewhere: Bill and Barack, Wes Clark's Social Network