Elsewhere: Colbert and Kelly, Schumer and Brin, Smiley and Fossella

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will appear together at a unity event in Unity, New Hampshire.

Clinton <a href="http://www.hillaryclinton.com/feature/specialthankyou/?sc=1905&utm_source=1905&utm_medium=e"asks supporters to go “back to Hillary Clinton.com” to help her retire campaign debt.

The Obama campaign kept tabs on the performance of their field staff through online questionnaires.

Neither Obama nor John McCain is spending much, relatively speaking, on online advertising.

A terrorist attack on America would be “a big advantage” to McCain, says McCain adviser Charlie Black.

Dorothy Wickenden wants less equivocation from Obama and more audacity.

The Chicago Tribune reminds readers that Obama is a product of the Chicago machine, and that he “has compiled an eclectic blend of Illinois political friends.”

A big German paper finds the nuclear-power component of McCain’s energy propsal more interesting than the offshore drilling.

Choire says the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the complaint of Atlantic Yards-affected homeowners is “enough to make anyone into a wackjob libertarian.”

Stephen Colbert will host a Partnership for Public Service event honoring Ray Kelly.

Andrew Cuomo is almost 5-for-5 in passed legislation.

Liz compiles an impressively comprehensive-looking “brief rundown” of possible replacements for Frank Powers in the 13th CD.

Chuck Schumer and Sergey Brin cut the ribbon, with a giant pair of scissors, on Google’s new offices in Chelsea Market.

Schumer defends Barack Obama’s decision to opt out of the public financing program.

Micah Sifry talks to Arianna Huffington about transparency.

An attendee at a convention of Democratic women in Pennsylvania says she’s not sure who she’ll vote for in the general.

Rudy Giuliani reportedly rallies support for a fire station in Maidenhead, England.

In the comments section, George Smiley hints that it’s time for Vito Fossella to return.

Isac gets a vote from a YouTube fan.

Rob Harding doesn’t think David Paterson is making it easier for Democrats to take over the State Senate.

Michael Bouldin says that Congress members behind on their DCCC dues should pay up.

1199 SEIU backs Hiram Monserrate in his noncompetitive State Senate race. Elsewhere: Colbert and Kelly, Schumer and Brin, Smiley and Fossella