Elsewhere: Cuba, Colombia, Minnesota

John McCain is going after Barack Obama’s position on Cuba in a new radio ad airing in Florida.

Obama says he’s not smoking anymore.

McCain is going to Colombia, and probably will talk about that free trade agreement.

Obama met with religious leaders.

A Democratic congressman from Oklahoma says he won’t back Obama.

Ron Paul is trying to hold an alternative Republican convention at a nearby arena.

The Fox host of "terrorist fist jab" fame lost her show, but remains with the network.

The New York State Republican Party is encouraging people to visit an anti-Obama web site.

Con Ed is calling some South Brooklyn residents and telling them not to use too much power.

Liz reports that Elizabeth Crowley is closing in on Anthony Como’s lead, with only dozens of votes remaining.

Christine Quinn told New York why she is opposed to term limits.

Dan Janison throws out the idea of Ray Kelly as governor.

A union is running radio ads against David Paterson’s proposed tax cap.

A representative from NYRI tries to sell a new state powerline with an op-ed in the Utica Observer-Dispatch.

And above, rapper KRS-ONE talks about how much he likes Ruben Diaz, Sr. Elsewhere: Cuba, Colombia, Minnesota