Elsewhere: Loose Ends, Tasers, Fake Fare Hike

Barack Obama once again tied John McCain to George W. Bush in the first speech of his two-week economic tour.

Obama also mentioned that he would be working with Elizabeth Edwards on health care.

Three Hillary Clinton allies are headed to Chicago.

McCain told Newsweek he did not chastise the media for their treatment of Hillary Clinton, but he did.

McCain is back to talking about the gas-tax holiday.

A McCain web ad juxtaposes a picture of Obama with a picture of Ahmadinejad.

Clinton stalwart Bill Nelson comes around and endorses Obama.

A Democrat-funded group filed two F.E.C. complaints against McCain.

Liz has an update and analysis of the yet-resolved election for the Queens City Council seat formerly held by Dennis Gallagher.

Daniel Wiese, who was fired from the Power Authority, filed several FOIL requests.

A Rand Corporation study suggests the NYPD be armed with tasers.

A blogger at Second Avenue Sagas thinks the news about the potential fare hike isn’t news–it goes back to Eliot Spitzer.

A Hudson Valley blogger is incensed over Assemblyman Greg Ball’s recent mailer.

Power is still out in parts of Brooklyn.

City Room tries to find out what Ashley Alexandra Dupree’s tattoo means. Elsewhere: Loose Ends, Tasers, Fake Fare Hike