Elsewhere: McCain's Nuclear Power, Obama's Regional Rail

DFNYC endorsed Luke Henry and Kevin Powell but, notably, not Dan Squadron, which makes little sense to Phil Anderson.

Chris Dodd says he did not get special treatment from Countrywide.

Josh Marshall is surprised at how well Barack Obama is doing in the latest Kentucky poll.

Streetsblog notes that Obama supports expanding regional rail infrastructure.

Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Talley and Calvin Klein are hosting a fund-raiser headlined by Michelle Obama.

John McCain excluded images of nuclear power–a big part of his energy platform–from the energy ad he’s running in Florida.

Democrats are hoping that McCain’s willingness to lift the ban on offshore drilling will backfire in Florida.

"McCain’s paper trail continues to bite him," writes Jonathan Martin.

Adolfo Carrion inducted Dr. Ruth into the Bronx "walk of fame," although she never actually lived there.

The president of the Jets will be leading the development of the West Side rail yards.

The new chief of the St. Regis Mohawk Tribal Council won by three votes.

The State Assembly may thwart part of Michael Bloomberg’s solid waste plan.

Dan Janison notes that the state takeover of O.T.B. only solved one problem.

Buffalo Pundit started an online petition to rename the Buffalo airport after Tim Russert.

Health Commissioner Demonstrates How to Catch a Bat,” apparently.

Clinton and Obama will make their first joint appearance on June 26 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington. [added]


Elsewhere: McCain's Nuclear Power, Obama's Regional Rail